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why adopt from romania

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In Romania the stray dog population is enormous due to its political history, its lack of animal welfare laws, its cultural misunderstanding of the benefits of spay and neuter and its common held belief that dogs are vermin and can be discarded on a whim. It is a country of cultural diversity though with dedicated rescuers who devote their lives to rescuing those dogs in desperate need. 


Sadly there are thousands of puppies born who are then discarded at the side of busy roads, rivers or in forests never to be found.

Pregnant females, elderly and ill are either captured by merciless

dog catchers or handed in by their owners and deserted at the horrific and unforgiving public shelters. In these shelters overcrowding, hunger, disease, fights and injury are commonplace. 


The saddest are the elderly who have given a lifetime of devotion to an often uncaring owner only to be handed over to the dog catchers when their bark has gone and their health is failing. 

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The only possible way to escape this hell is to find a suitable rescuer, foster carer or adopter,  most likely in a foreign country. 

Our dedicated team who visit annually, have been haunted by the plight of Romanian dogs and are committed to doing everything we possibly can for these poor souls.  We are often asked “why Romanian dogs?” and the answer is simple …… because if we can offer even just one dog a chance to a better life then why would we not ? There is absolutely no comparison to a rescue/rehoming centre here in the UK to the public shelters in Romania, absolutely none.  We have seen it for ourselves. 

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We work with Romanian rescuers who we know and trust, supporting them through rehoming and donations. Over the last few years we have all fostered, adopted, and raised funds for many Romanian dogs and we will continue to do so until there are no dogs left to rescue.  

That will indeed be a happy day. 

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