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Adoption Process

Since Cloud K9 Rescue offers Rescue Back Up (often called RBU – this means we will take back any dog for whatever reason for the life of that dog) to every dog we bring over from Romania we feel it is important that we get to know the dog a little first before adoption, which helps ensure we match him/her with the best possible home.  There is no time limit in foster care, they get what time they need but we do a minimum of two weeks for every dog. We firmly believe this time is needed by the dogs to take stock of their new surroundings and for the foster carer to introduce them to living in a home and to assess the dogs to ensure we can find the best home possible for that dog. Before a home trial begins all parties need to be 99.9%  certain of a successful adoption taking place.  This will reduce the distress, stress and upheaval for all involved - especially the dog.  

We strongly advise anyone who is thinking of adopting a dog from abroad to take a few minutes to read Do’s and Don’ts, written by our charity Patron Meesh Masters from The Dogs Point of View.




 Romanian dogs are just amazing, incredibly intelligent, resilient and intuitive dogs but it needs to be understood that a majority of them can be quite different to UK dogs and that is why we believe pre-fostering is so important.  The CK9 foster carers have an extensive knowledge of canine behaviour and a deep commitment to dogs in their care.

Dogs are transported with DEFRA approved transporters and are issued a Pet Passport to be able to travel to the UK.  All dogs are Rabies vaccinated, flea and worm treated 48 hrs before travel and are vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis & Parvo virus. Usually if they are over 6 months old when transported dogs are neutered/spayed.

During their time in foster we like to introduce them to living in a home i.e TV’s, washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc, resident dogs, lead training, car rides, house training etc.  All this is taken at the dogs pace and some adapt quicker than others. Unless we are sure the dog is ready to be adopted and that the home enquiry is right for that dog they stay in foster care.  This process allows us to let potential adopters know more about the dog they are enquiring about and what behaviours we are seeing. 


The adoption process below is what usually happens and although it may seem time consuming it can be a swift process and we are here to guide you through it ….



1. On each Dog for Adoption box, is a link to an 'Adoption Form' (and at the bottom of this page). This takes you to a form that you complete online. If you have problems downloading or completing an online form, drop a note to the email address and we'll post one out. This is a no obligation request form, that allows you to give us some information about the kind of dog you are looking for and also gives us some information about you, your family and lifestyle and the home you are offering to a dog. We endeavour to reply to all questionnaires whether successful or not. Please answer all questions as fully as possible - it gives the assessment team a better insight to your lifestyle. 


2.  If initial enquiries look promising, then one of the Foster Team will contact you either by email, text or Messenger normally to agree a convenient time to give you a call. ​ At this point you can ask the foster carer, who knows the dog best, any questions you may have.  This is an informal chat and again you are under no obligation but also at this point we will not reserve/promise a dog to you.  If both parties are happy to proceed a home check will be arranged – this primarily will be about the safety of the home i.e garden fences, back gates, doorways etc – we take the safety of our dogs very seriously and you will be advised if the dog you are interested in is a flight risk/escape artist – not all are, but better to be safe than sorry.  


3. If the home check is successful then we will ask if you, your family and any of your pets would like to visit the dog, usually in the foster carers home. We normally suggest a minimum of an hour. The reason we suggest this is that it gives potential adopters the opportunity to see the dog in familiar surroundings and where they feel comfortable as well as everyone getting to know each other in a neutral space.  We always suggest that at this point potential adopters go home and sleep on it.  This gives everyone the chance to be 99.9% sure this is the right and correct decision for all involved.  Although it is called a Home Trial, it's not a "Try before you Buy". Please remember, you, your family and home may be perfect for a Rescue from CK9, but if the dog is not suitable we will talk it over with you and if need be, look for or suggest a more suitable dog. During the Home Trial, we ask you to keep your Foster Carer up to date with progress and discuss any issues.  We really want this to work out for everyone.


4. If both the fosterer and adopter are confident of a successful adoption, the foster carer will discuss with another team member to ensure all eventualities have been assessed.  Arrangements for you to come and collect the dog to begin the two week home trial will be made. On the day of collection the adoption fee is to be paid (currently £395 for dogs aged 7 and over and £450 for dogs under 7). ​ Dogs must be transported either in a crate or seatbelt restraint in accordance with UK law. 


5. At the end of the two-week trial and assuming everything has gone well, Cloud K9 Rescue will forward the Pet Passport to you and your contact details will be transferred to the Microchip registration. 


6. Happy Ever After! All we ask is that you keep them safe, give them a life they once only dreamt of and to please please stay in touch – We LOVE to hear what they are up to and to help or offer advice if any issues arise.  

7. However, sometimes, despite our best endeavours, a dog does not successfully reach the end of a home trial and needs to be returned to the Foster Carer.  We are truly sad when this happens as the outcome is not what we wanted for the dog.  In the event of a dog being returned, the adoption fee will be returned, less an admin and expenses fee of £100.00. 

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