Oliver - neutered, vaccinated, approx 2yrs, microchipped

Oliver was the boy we met on our trip in February.  He lived outside the hotel and was  delighted every morning to see us.  He clearly lived on the streets and we saw him cross the busy road several times during our stay that had us all holding our breath.  It would only be a matter of time before his luck ran out.

By the end of our stay we made plans for him to be neutered and vaccinated ready to travel by the end of March.  Sadly due to Covid19 that plan was put on hold and so this poor boy had to stay in kennels to keep him safe. 

Now in early May he will be one of the first to travel and we are all looking forward to meeting him again and giving him a warm welcome to the UK as he did for us on our visit.  

We are all looking forward to watching him adapt to life in a home and in the UK ..... this will take a little time but rest assured he will be in safe hands

TOM - neutered, vaccinated, approx 10 yrs, microchipped

Tom is an elderly gentlemen who we just could not leave to spend his final years in a public shelter.  His old legs were beginning to ache after spending at least two years living on a concrete floor.  He is now out and enjoying human company and a little freedom in foster care in Romania which is kindly being paid for by one very caring CK9 supporter.  

He has been health checked by a vet in Romania and is having weekly baths for his skin and now on some medication for his stiffness.  We are sure with some TLC that these minor issues will be resolved or at least managed successfully. 

We are hoping he can travel as soon as possible to the UK where he will then be looking for that soft bed, that gentle caring hand and being treated like a King in his twilight years. 

There is not a member of the team who doesn't love dear Tom. 

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