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welcome tO cloud k9 rescue

We are delighted you have found us - Cloud K9 Rescue is a UK based registered charity and we are pleased to say in November we received Approved Importer Status from DEFRA, allowing us to import dogs from Romania into the UK.


 Cloud K9 Rescue’s fundamental mission is to rescue and rehome dogs who are in desperate need of our help and assistance, from a country which due to its political history and cultural and economic refusal to neuter and spay routinely, has an out of control stray dog population.


Working alongside a small dedicated group of rescuers we provide safety and reassurance to the dogs rescued from lives of suffering and uncertainty.  There is no equivalent RSPCA, Dogs Trust or PDSA in Romania and rescuers receive no government funding to care for the strays and it is rare that Romanians adopt from the public or private shelters. There are Animal Welfare laws in Romania but few are sadly seldom upheld with the police or authorities.


We accomplish our rescue and care by fostering all our dogs in a home environment where each one is treated as an individual and given as much time as they need to settle and learn about life in the UK.  We rescue and rehome a variety of amazing dogs from puppies to OAPs, all shapes, sizes and colours.


Our team of experienced foster carers make this transition as easy as possible for the dogs and through observing, understanding and sensing what a dogs needs are, we can then plan for a successful adoption.  We foster for a minimum of two weeks and many of these wonderful dogs are ready to be adopted after that time. Some, however, need a little more TLC but soon are looking for families of their own. We offer ongoing support to adopters and lifetime rescue back up to all Cloud K9 dogs.

We also work tirelessly to raise money to fund neuter and spay campaigns which is a proven strategy to bring about a lasting solution to the huge stray dog population in Romania, the harsh reality being that it is better to have not been born at all.


When funds allow we also assist with veterinary treatment costs and helping with food bills for the dogs - there are so many ways to help the dogs and their Romanian rescuers - please help us to help them. 

We really hope you enjoy looking through our website and meeting our past, present and future rescue dogs.



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