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Neuter/ Spay Campaign - Belis County, Romania 

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to say that we have, at last, funded a neuter/spay campaign in partnership with a superb veterinary organisation, TAC Social who regularly go to different locations, throughout Romania, where the need is most.  Belis County was chosen this time as reports of stray dogs being shot or hung, in this increasingly popular tourist destination, were being told.

This has long been our No. 1 desire but due to Covid 19 this year our fundraising events have had to be put on hold. Thanks must go to our very generous supporters who have made this possible.  Over fifty dogs were neutered, mainly strays but some owned by local people who get their dogs neuter/spayed, health checked and any further treatment all free of charge. 


Our plans for 2021 are to continue to support TAC as to stop the birth of so many unwanted, unloved and discarded puppies is the only way forward to end the suffering of so many


 Please follow the link below to donate 1 euro per month to TAC so that their vital work can continue - thank you 

Massive thank you to Sue Allen and her team at East Ruston Cottages based in Norfolk.


We have received a donation of £500 as a result of their scheme whereby £4 from every booking goes into a pot and is split between 3 deserving dog rescue charities.


We were so thrilled to be chosen as one of those recipients. From lots of previous experience, we can seriously recommend East Ruston Cottages for that perfect dog friendly holiday in Norfolk. They do not charge for your dogs and there are no restrictions on the number of dogs you can take.


Please have a look at, but be warned, their cottages are very popular!


Please tell them that Cloud K9 sent you



We are delighted to have been selected by East Ruston Cottages as one of the beneficiaries of their charity funding for the second quarter of 2020.  We thank them very much for their help and we would like you to look on their website ​- they have some fantastic dog friendly holiday cottages. Please check them out.

One of our trustees Beccy comments:

"You guys are awesome!!! We have been selected as one of East Ruston Cottages beneficiary charities for the next 3 months. You definitely went a long way to helping with this. As a small charity whose main fundraisers have been cancelled for the next few months, opportunites and support like this is invaluable. You may not know that because we rehome dogs from abroad, we do not qualify for a lot of trusts and grants in the UK that other animal rehoming charities can. THANK YOU!!!
A huge thank you to Sue at East Ruston Cottages for offering such a scheme. Just fabulous 🙂"




We are absolutely delighted to inform everyone that CK9 has a new trustee joining the team and we really could not be happier to welcome this lovely, dedicated lady to our group - lets introduce Rebecca Atkin to you all .......

"I was a trustee for ten years at a local cats and dogs home, somewhere I was and still am proud to have involvement in. I stood down from the committee as I felt I wasn't giving enough time due to my first dog getting old and we'd just bought a house to do up.

My husband and I have three rescue dogs. Tilly, from Leicester Animal Aid, now aged 13; Cassie aged 7, from Ireland and Teagan aged 3 who is our Rommie rescue.

I've done agility with all my dogs, with varying degrees of success 😂, but always fun is the priority. I actually did agility in the main arena at Crufts with my first two, promoting rescue dogs, that they have so much to give. Proud moments.

I feel I need to make a special mention to my first dog, Milo, who opened the door to the world of dogs. The reason I've met so many lovely people, met some fabulous dogs and made some friends for life. We lost him at age almost 15 and he took a part of my heart with him.

I look forward to being a trustee and being part of the CK9 team and following lots more fabulous dogs on their journeys to a better life"  - Beccy

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Following our visit to Romania at the end of February, we HAVE RESERVED these beautiful dogs.
Our aim, once restrictions are lifted, is to bring all of these dogs to the UK for rehoming. Unfortunately, due to our fundraising events bring cancelled, our piggy bank is a bit skinny. If anyone could spare a couple of pounds (or more) to help us, we would be extremely grateful.
This will help us fund the vital vaccinations, microchips and passports etc for these deserving dogs.
Thank you so much for your support. Please mark your donation " Reserved Dogs" ❤

Beautiful LEILA is currently out of the shelter and in foster care in Romania thanks to Anita Shaw who is paying her foster fees.

Thank you so much Anita xx


Some trustees from the charity paid for themselves to visit some shelters in rural Romania.

The trip was heartbreaking to be honest, as there were so many dogs that will never leave the shelter.

More to follow in the next few days as we gather up all the information as we put together photo's, videos and findings and put them on here and our Facebook Page.

The visit was widely received and was reported in the local press.  The article is below.

This is a translation of newspaper article in a local Romanian paper about our visit !!

English NGO help in developing Hope Shelter M9

Good news for the future of the dog shelter in Moldova Noua. On NGO from the UK wants to support the extension of the existing shelters as well as the dog adoption process to ensure future owners can provide an adequate new home.

The challenge of dogs without owners is a problem for most of the areas in Caras-Severin, however in Moldova Noua what seemed impossible, a new animal shelter, was accomplished within just months. Today, Hope Shelter M9 houses around 50 dogs, but the fight for lowering abandon rates continues, a fight that would be easier if everyone would contribute more.

“The idea for the shelter in Moldova Noua started last year. I have to emphasise something because most people forget. For the first time ever, Moldova Noua has a functioning shelter, built in partnership with an NGO that helped us a lot in understanding the way a dog shelter should be run. I’m talking about Ms Monica Izvanariu, who provided a lot of support in making this project come true. At the moment we have about 50 dogs in the shelter. These are not all the stray dogs in Moldova Noua for simple reasons: the abandon rate is still very high in the town, citizens are not informing the council of people feeding or abandoning dogs, and we and the Local Police cannot permanently cover the area of the whole town” explained the mayor of Moldova Noua for

Still, the elected official has high hopes that people from the town, the wider country and abroad will prioritise adoption ahead of euthanasia, “a cruel act, not worthy of European mentality”.

Due to very good relationships Monica Izvanariu (president of ALMA) has in other countries, last week Hope Shelter M9 was visited by representatives from the Cloud K9 Rescue NGO from the UK. They offered support for both extending the shelter and for the adoption process.

“Ms Monica helps us a lot because she’s in contact with a lot of NGOs from different countries. Last week we had a visit from Could K9 Rescue from the UK. Their representatives visited our shelter and they were very happy to see how important it is for us to have this shelter. They will help us both financially in expanding the shelter, but also in adopting dogs outside Romania. Ms Monica is very involved and helped the adoption process for many dogs in our town and we also had several campaigns for sterilization”, said Adrian Torma.

At the same time, the mayor wants to thank all the townsfolk that have supported and will continue to support the shelter through donations. He is confident that people will gradually change their mindset about abandoning dogs and will start supporting the council even more in offering the canines a better future and having a cleaner town.

“The dog shelter is on a good path. We just need to make sure we gradually change the mindset of the community regarding abandoning dogs, managing the dog population in households and working with the local authorities in supporting the shelter. We want to thank dog lovers and anyone who is willing to help with donations, food or even maintaining the shelter”, added the mayor of Moldova Noua

The article from the news paper is here.



Englezii se implică în dezvoltarea Adăpostului Speranţei M9

Vești bune pentru viitorul adăpostului de câini de la Moldova Nouă. Un ONG din Marea Britanie vrea să sprijine atât extinderea construcției care…

This is Kenzo's story so far...

Can you complete the story and give him his forever home.


Three Trustees of Cloud K9 Rescue are travelling to Romania on 28th February.  The trip is to visit Rural Dogs Romania - Asociatia ALMA, who have a shelter located near Oravita. 

More details on the visit to follow.


First Prize - Dave & Bridget Ticket 2

Second Prize - Rachel Bee Ticket 47

Third Prize - Carin Coombe Ticket 33

There were 75 tickets sold and we

raised £375.00 to go towards our

Spay & Neuter campaign. 


More details to follow shortly.

Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket

Otto's forever family have put together a video of his start in life and how he was rescued.  Otto now lives in the North East of England and is living life to the full.

Can you and your family give a rescue dog a forever home or help with donations to our Food Club or Spay & Neuter campaigns.

Please contact us - see the More Info menu..


We are delighted to offer a valentine hamper raffle. All content has been donated so every penny will go to CK9. The funds will specifically be used to fund a spay and neuter campaign in Romania.

£100 AMAZON voucher
Big box of Lindt chocolate selection
Box of Dairy Box
Bottle of red wine
Bottle of Prosecco
Pawsecco for your much loved fur friend along with pet friendly truffle treats.
A gorgeous smelling candle
Sanctuary Spa hands and heels pampering duo (great for all those dog walkers amongst you!)
Tender chicken bites for the canine fur baby (or babies!) in your life
Heart shaped tin of mints
More valentine related treats are still to follow..... This hamper is worth over a £150 !!!!

There is a SECOND PRIZE OF £40 meal voucher (you have a choice from a range of different restaurants)

And a THIRD PRIZE of £20 cinema voucher (which will be purchased when the winner of it lets us know which cinema chain is most convenient for them!)

In order to have a chance to win, the ‘raffle’ will be run through Facebook. ‘Tickets’ (numbers) are £5 each and will be allocated once payment is received. PayPal to please although we can also accept bank transfer and cheques! If you pay via PayPal please clearly state your name and choose the Friends/Family payment option so we don’t have charges applied.

The draw will be done on Valentines Day. Please get involved and share our post and let’s raise some lovely funds for the spay/neuter campaign 👍👍🤞

Good luck!!


Cloud K9 Rescue are delighted and we must admit a little humbled to announce that we have now been officially granted UK Registered Charity status and our newly awarded charity number is 1186980 😁. We are all immensely proud to have achieved this recognition and are determined to continue in making a positive difference to the lives of Romanian dogs and to help and support our Romanian friends in the best ways possible. Whilst we can allow ourselves a moment of true celebration we are all aware of the responsibility, commitment and standards we need to maintain and of course, and most importantly, to always act in the best interests of the dogs whilst providing advice and support to those families who have opened their hearts and homes and adopted from Cloud K9 Rescue.

We have achieved so much in our first year as CK9 and we would like to thank all those who have given of their time, ideas, funding and skills to help us in so many ways, it is so very much appreciated and not forgetting all those who have liked, loved, laughed, commented and shared on our Facebook group .... there is always something everyone can do and we love our ever growing CK9 'family' and we could not do it without you all.

On receiving this exciting news we invited our friend, trainer and behaviourist Meesh Masters from The Dogs Point of View to be our Patron and she very kindly accepted. We are sure her knowledge and passion for Rommies will only add to the commitment we all share for these wonderful dogs and we look forward to working with this very talented lady in the future.

Once again thank you all for your continued support and we wish you all a very Happy & Healthy 2020 xx

from us all at Cloud K9 Rescue xx

Trustees of Cloud K9 Rescue, celebrating the news of the UK Charity Commission Registration


From left to right - Alice ThompsonColleen SteadJane StaceyMichael ScottBridget Younger & Dave Younger

Front row Rosie & Dora

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - from all at Cloud K9 Rescue

Welcome to our 2 new Foster Carers



UK Charity Registration


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